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  • Few things need to be follow while teaching science and mathematics in secondary

    There has been nationwide attempt to improve the quality and quantity of science and mathematics teachers in secondary level. Reports suggest that it requires an overall motivation to make people come forward for teaching these two subjects in secondary school. Creating awareness about process of teaching and learning itself is a good way to start with. Attracting fresh science and math graduate towards secondary teaching is another initiative suggested by researchers. Accordingly a study was conducted and eight graduate students were placed for ten hours a week on secondary school teaching.

    The results were measured on the basis of their interest level in secondary school teaching prior to the study and post study. Findings were shocking as there were evident sign of low desire. The positive outcome of the study emerged in the form reasons given by the students about their low desire to become secondary teachers.

    So the basic reasons for lack of quality and quantity of math and science teachers in secondary schools are:

    Their aspiration to work in higher level of science and math. Unruly behavior of the class and their lack of motivation to study the subject. Teaching was viewed as a job and not considered as career by many of the graduates. Teaching under school systems demands too much of unnecessary activities objected by the graduates. There were special recruitment drives started by the president of America to recruit math and science teachers. Attempts were made to increase the quality of teaching by making bachelor’s degree mandatory to become a secondary teacher. Need for an alternative incentive beside money was highlighted. Study strongly recommended for an overall motivational approach towards science and mathematics teaching.

    Lack of good teachers in these too subjects have become too evident to hide. Students can go for online help like online tutoring services and online math tutoring for better grades in secondary school.